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Are Abyssinian Cats Friendly?

Abyssinian Kitten Lying on Carpet

As cat owners, we usually want a cat that is friendly, affectionate, and cuddly. On top of that, it would be great if that cat does also get along well with other animals and children. If a cat lives up to these expectations and maybe even beyond, it is considered a good house cat. So, does the Abyssinian cat fit your needs?

Are Abyssinian cats friendly? The Abyssinian cat is an unusually smart and affectionate breed. Most often, they are one-person cats and therefore choose which person they want to bond with the most. They won't sit on someone's lap often as they want to keep control over their movability.

If you're on the lookout for a friendly cat, you are on the right track. Abyssinian cats have many qualities that make them good house cats about which you are going to learn in the following.

How Friendly Is the Abyssinian Cat?

Being a self-sufficient, but loving, breed, the Abyssinian breed is a suitable choice if you're looking for a friendly house cat that doesn't require much direct contact. This feline will get along with any animal as long as they're not too loud or intrusive.

Read along to find out how friendly the Abyssinian cat exactly is and whether or not this breed would fit into your home.

Are Abyssinian Cats Cuddly?

The Abyssinian cat likes to keep an amount of freedom of movement. If you pick one up, the cat might already curl around and search for an escape route.

However, this behavior doesn't mean your cat dislikes you. Abyssinian cats like to be able to do whatever they want whenever they want. And being held prevents them from doing so. The same goes for sitting on laps, which is why your Abyssinian will rarely come over to cuddle with her favorite person.

If they want you to pet them, you will notice it, but Abyssinian cats usually show their affection towards their owner in other ways.

Is the Abyssinian Cat Affectionate?

The Abyssinian cat is an easy-going cat that is affectionate and friendly. Being one of the more active and playful breeds, the Abyssinian demands daily playtime and shouldn't be left alone for longer than three to four hours. That's why it's good to get another pet next to the Abyssinian, so they have one another to play with while you're away.

Owners of Abyssinian cats often state that their darling loves to fetch. Therefore, it's worth teaching and a suitable activity if you want to engage in interactive play with your cat. Due to their witty personality, these cats are even able to play fetch by themselves. But they will also happily use other toys for playing.

Because of this playfulness, you might need to think of a way to secure valuable and fragile or possibly dangerous items inside your house, because these cats love to push objects off the shelves and other surfaces.

Abyssinian cats also tend to follow their owner around the house if they like them. Their voice is soft and quiet with which they love to greet their favorite human.

Abyssinian Cat Sleeping on Couch

Are Abyssinian Cats Friendly to Other Animals?

Abyssinian cats generally get along well with other pets in the household. Their playful and active nature makes them a perfect friend for other pets. Of course, there may be exceptions to the rule. If you want to know whether your Abyssinian cat will be friendly to another animal, you generally have to look at the specific animal and its personality.

Is it a dog that tends to be aggressive and likes to bark a lot, even at the slightest encounter when you're taking him for a walk? Is it a cat such as a Bengal that quickly starts exerting territorial aggression when another animal intrudes into their space?

An Abyssinian cat might get into fights with another overly aggressive or loud dog or cat. Obsessive behavior that can come from dogs towards felines is another quality-of-life-reducing danger. Because of this, you need to ensure that your Abyssinian cat doesn't have to put up with these types of difficult personality traits.

To sum it up, and make your Abyssinian the happiest, ensuring that the roommate of your furry darling is friendly, calm, and not competitive would be a good start. A fitting example of such a cat breed would be the Persian cat.

Are Abyssinian Cats Friendly to Children?

If you have ever seen an Abyssinian cat play and mess around, you know that - no matter what the age - these active felines know how to have fun and love to do so. That's the reason why the Abyssinian type of personality generally pairs well with the playfulness and activeness of a child.

The Abyssinian's witty and sensible nature might make it forgive some of your kid's unpleasant touches and hugs, but mistreating pets should never happen in any case.

Therefore, you have to introduce your kid the right way and teach him or her proper manners towards animals first, as this is mandatory for a healthy relationship and bonding between your kid and the pet. Daily together-playtime will help with the bonding, just like letting your kid feed the Abyssinian cat will strengthen the relationship further.


The Abyssinian cat is a relatively self-sufficient cat breed that doesn't need much affection in the forms of regular cuddling sessions or pats.In case they demand pats, they will surely let you know. Nevertheless, it loves to follow its owner around and greet with a calm and soft voice.

Being a friendly and playful breed, the Abyssinian cat is a perfect fit for children and also gets along well with other animals inside the household. However, leaving this sensible feline alone for too long makes them bored quickly because of their high intelligence. Having plenty of toys and preferably another pet to play with is therefore recommended.

All in all, the Abyssinian cat is a good fit for most households, as they are friendly and affectionate.

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