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Bengal Cat

  • Do Bengal Cats Get Lonely?

    If you are a cat lover, you might have heard of Bengal cats. These beautiful felines are known for their exotic appearance and playful personality. They are also very intelligent and curious, which makes them fun and challenging companions.
  • Why Does My Bengal Cat Meow at Night?

    Table of Contents 1. Your Bengal Cat is Growing Old 1.1. Hyperthyroidism 1.2. Arthritis 1.3. Vision or Hearing Impairment 1.4. Cognitive Dysfun...
  • Are Bengal Cats Aggressive?

    Bengal cats are known to be rather wild and definitely more active than your average house cat. 
    This often leaves owners on the edge of despair when trying to deal with their playful and witty nature.
    No wonder, Bengal cat parents sometimes find themselves wondering the following:
  • Why Does My Bengal Cat Pee Everywhere?

    Why does my Bengal pee outside the litter box? Most often, the dilemma arises from a mental condition, specifically anxiety, and other issues.
    This could be due to problems in the relationship with the owner, but also due to unhappiness about the litter box itself.
  • Why Does My Bengal Cat Have Diarrhea?

    Bengal cat owners often experience their furry friends having issues with their digestion and therefore with wet stool.

    If you are one of them, do not worry - Bengal cats simply need special care regarding their food, compared to other breeds.