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  • Cat Spraying No More: A Solution for Happy Cats and Clean Homes

    As a cat lover, you know that our feline friends bring joy, companionship, and a touch of mystery into our lives.

    But what happens when your beloved cat starts spraying all over the house, leaving you frustrated and embarrassed? The pungent odor, the constant cleaning, and the stained furniture—it’s enough to drive any cat owner crazy!

  • Cat Behavior Decoded: What Your Cat's Body Language Means

    Cats are fascinating creatures that have captivated humans for centuries. They have their own personalities, preferences, and quirks that make them unique and lovable. But sometimes, it can be hard to understand what your cat is trying to tell you with their body language. What does it mean when your cat blinks slowly at you, or when they flick their tail from side to side, or when they rub their head against your leg? How can you tell if your cat is happy, angry, scared, or bored?
  • DIY Cat Enrichment Activities: Keeping Your Feline Friend Happy

    Are you a devoted cat parent looking to enhance your feline companion's life? Welcome to a world of purrs and playful adventures! In our journey as cat owners, we all want to see our beloved furballs content and fulfilled. The key to their happiness lies in providing enriching experiences that cater to their natural instincts.
  • Why Does My Cat Bite Me?

    Cats are exploring their surroundings by mouthing (Why Does My Cat Lick Me?) or pawing them.
    Therefore biting is totally usual for kittens and mostly a learning experience.

    Although cats usually have a reason for chomping on you, there are methods to teach your cat to paw you softly without the use of any claws instead of making you bleed by biting or scratching you.

  • Why Does My Cat Stare at Me?

    Have you ever experienced your cat staring at you without even blinking?
    You might have asked yourself what your cat could have been thinking about at that moment.
    You might've read that it's a negative sign if a feline stares at something.

    Do not worry, it most probably is nothing problematic and there are different cases in which your cat might stare at you.
    But why do cats stare at us?

  • Do Cats Cry?

    Many cat owners claim their cats' feelings are real and even apparent.
    Indeed, cats can communicate their feelings and needs to humans and other cats.

    The so-called feline vocalization is being researched by behaviorists and scientists to understand our furry sweethearts better.

    However, cats do not shed tears when they feel sad, but sadness isn't completely unknown to felines, either.

  • Why Does My Cat Lick Me?

    If you're a cat owner you've probably already asked yourself why exactly she licks you with her tongue, a very many-sided body part of the cat.

    Due to its structure that's made out of many small barbs, the cat's tongue can be used as a comb when the cat's grooming herself or as a kind of rasp or grater to get the meat off bones or the last bits of food out of the bowl.

  • How to Stop Cat Litter from Tracking Everywhere

    One of the most common problems cat owners face is cat litter tracking in the whole house. Of course, that is completely normal, I know that problem myself too well. It’s annoying to having to brush your soles before entering a shoe or even a sock.

    So, how do you keep your house clean anyway? In this article, I’m going to talk about several ways of combating cat litter lying around everywhere.

  • How to Find the Perfect Cat Bed

    You probably are on the lookout for a comfortable cat bed for your darling and you might also still have some doubts whether you should even get one, because after all cats sleep in the weirdest places, right? 

    In this week's blog post I will tell you why you should buy your furry friend a well-deserved cat bed and why it might come in really handy for you and her.

  • Cat Music: Everything You Need to Know

    This blog post is dedicated to a very strange topic: music for cats.
    Here I will tell you how to recognize such tunes and use them for improving your cat's life.