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Cat Music: Everything You Need to Know

Gray cat lying in a black guitar suitcase on the ground of a sidewalk while pedestrians are passing by

Have you ever looked for different ways to improve the life of your furry sweetheart and stumbled across cat music during your research?
But how would you even know whether your hairy friend is into music at all?

Well, I am relieved to tell you that they indeed do like music, just not the one we humans usually listen to.
This blog post will cover the characteristics of typical cat music, why they like it and why you should consider playing these sounds to your cat.
Read through, apply the knowledge you have learned and your cutie will most likely experience an improvement in its quality of life.

Why you should consider playing specific tunes to your cat

Unlike dogs, they tend to be more interested in music that is specifically tailored towards them, so owners should not just carelessly turn on the radio for their cat to listen to human music, but pick special - for felines composed - music.

Letting your cat listen to this kind of music can be very beneficial for you and your darling, because of the calming effect it usually has on felines.
To keep stuff simple, without having you to read any further, it betters the life of her in any case.
But it is important to play the right kind of music to your love, not some human tunes.

We, as cat owners, have to understand that the hearing of our hairy friends develops differently from ours and therefore we have to act accordingly.

How do cats like their music?

To put it in a nutshell, they like sounds that are similar to the ways they communicate with us and other animals in terms of tempi & frequency range.
So, for the music to be most effective it should use sounds that resemble noises which usually cause positive feelings inside a cat such as purring or kitten being nursed.

White, black and gray-colored adult cat sitting on a pianoThis is why you could say, that our furry darlings usually want to hear music with more sliding qualities and pitch changes.
There was a test that examined the reactions of cats to 47 songs designed by a composer, especially for our fluffy four-legged companions.
To have a comparison to the custom-made music for cats and see the effects more clearly, Bach’s “Air on the G String” and Gabriel Fauré’s “Elegie” were also played.

After the test, it has been found out that they had a “significant interest for and interest in” music made for felines compared to the two songs made for human ears, which didn’t trigger any reaction.

Which cats tend to like this sort of music?

It was also discovered that those songs, which were tailor-made for our playful friends, were more popular among younger and older cats, than among middle-aged cats.

This hints that it may be a good idea to play some relaxing cat music if your furry love tends to suddenly rush restlessly through the hallway.

Also, cat owners must know that this kind of behavior is quite common for younger felines that had been rescued from abuse or separated from their mother at a very young age.

If you are playing the right kind of song to your cat it will be quite obvious whether she likes it or not.
She most likely will start rubbing her head against the speaker or even lie down next to the source of music while purring satisfied.


To sum it up, playing cat music is a great way of calming stressed felines and kittens, especially if they have been neglected or abused in their past, such as rescue cats.

Those sounds often contain noises cats utter in order to communicate so be sure to check for those.
Also, it is very likely that your cat will like what she hears if she is an older or younger feline.

Don't be one of those cat owners who simply let their hairy sweetheart listen to random human music.
You will be surprised by the positive effects cat music might have.

Have you already tried it out and gathered experience in this subject with your own feline? 
What do you think about this kind of approach to comfort our darling?

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