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How to Find the Perfect Cat Bed

Two cats sitting inside a cat bed hugging each other

You probably are on the lookout for a comfortable cat bed for your darling and you might also still have some doubts whether you should even get one, because after all cats sleep in the weirdest places, right? 

In this week's blog post I will tell you why you should buy your furry friend a well-deserved cat bed and why it might come in really handy for you and her.
Furthermore, we'll talk about the problem of a feline not using it at all and how to change that.

Why should I buy a cat bed for my feline?

As previously mentioned, our own minded hairy sweethearts mostly just sleep where they want, so it doesn't seem to make too much sense to get one, does it?
But in fact, there are various arguments that speak for it. 

1. Cats sleep A LOT

The first reason is pretty self-explanatory: A feline usually spends 16 hours a day sleeping, so how could you not set up a location dedicated to the most important activity in its life?

Especially if you treat your sleepy cutie pie as a part of your own family, this seems to be a very reasonable point of view.

2. To keep the fur in one spot

I'm certain that you surely already have been annoyed by all the hair your feline leaves behind on places where it actually doesn't belong.
Once your darling is used to sleeping at solely one spot, it will be way easier to handle the fur your sleepyhead sheds on a regular basis.

3. It is easy to clean

On top of that, you can simply put the washable bed or cushion into the washing machine once you feel like it's time to clean it.
After all, you cannot just do the same with your whole couch, can you?

White blue-eyed Kitten standing on Bed

4. Less stress for you and your sweetheart

If your feline likes her new spot, she won't have to run around the house looking for a comfortable place to sleep in anymore.
Also, think of the stressful scenario of moving to a new place: Your anxious darling is in a completely unknown territory, but at least there's something that she knows, her cozy bed.

It will be much easier for her to become comfortable with the new surroundings.

5. To keep away parasites

This is not to be underestimated if you're living in an area where fleas are a problem.

By simply having your cat sleep in her own washable couch you drastically increase your chances of successfully combating these nasty insects.

Which type of bed should I get?

You probably already know this having experienced countless amounts of "aww"-moments watching your cat sleep in various positions and places.

If she likes to snooze beneath a blanket on your bed, for example, you might want to get something like our Banana Bed.
There are also sheets you can buy for your cat to cover her if you think she's the kind of feline that would love a bit of coverage.

In most other cases she will most probably prefer an open sleeping spot where she can curl herself up.

For obvious reasons (coziness) you should also be sure to pick the right size for your furry darling.

Furthermore, it is not a bad idea to keep the washability in mind while deciding for your hairy friend's soon-to-be favorite resting opportunity - felines like it clean and feel most comfortable in such spaces.

What do I do if my cat does not want to sleep in her bed?

The most popular reason for cats avoiding their bed is the location it is at – try to find a spot that you know is comfortable for her.

Another reason might be the smell of it, if your feline avoids the bed after taking a quick smell check you should probably wash it.

Some cats might not want to snooze within it after another furry roommate has used the place. In this case, you can simply put – for instance – your t-shirt in the bed and your sensitive darling will potentially not have a problem with it anymore.

But after all of this, you should always keep in mind that felines are an extremely instinct-driven species, so your sweetheart might often sleep wherever she likes and where she feels comfortable at the moment because they usually don’t spend much thought to deciding where they want to rest.

Sometimes they just do as they please, but I am sure this kind of behavior will not surprise you.

White kitten lying on its back on a bed


There are several reasons for buying your furry friend a proper cat bed and it is definitely worth it.

It will help with your cat's sleep, the hair she keeps losing, combating stress and even parasites.
Also, it's easier to have to wash just one relatively small thing - the bed itself - instead of your couch, for example.

If you are unsure about the type of bed you should get for your little darling, it is enough to simply observe the sleeping habits of her, to decide whether it should be a cave or open.
The size should be adequate, of course, too.

If she does not want to use her spot, it is most probably due to the location.
You might have to experiment a bit until she will finally accept the place it is at.
The smell of it can also be a problem for her, so we sure to wash it regularly.
It can also be of help in making it smell like you - simply put some clothes of yours into it.

What are your experiences with beds for cats?
Do you think they are worth it?

I am looking forward to reading your comments in the comment section below.

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