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Why Do Dachshunds Shake?

Young Black Dachshund Being Held

If you own a Dachshund you have probably noticed him or her shaking every now and then.
Shaking is normal behavior for Dachshunds, but some cases would make worrying about your tiny long darling reasonable.

If your Dachshund shakes, it's most likely harmless and due to something like excitement, too much excess energy, attention-seeking, or cold.

However, in some cases, there might also be more serious issues involved.

Reasons for Shaking in Dachshunds

You need to fully understand the shaking of your Dachshund - including its reasons - if you want to respond and react correctly.
These could be rather serious issues that need a consultation with a veterinarian and more harmless ones you take care of yourself.

In the following, I'll go through all the most common reasons for a small dog like a Dachshund to shake.

1. Attention Seeking

Most Dachshund owners - mostly unintentionally - reinforce this behavior in their dogs by giving them attention as soon as they start to shake.

After all, it's difficult to ignore that cute little sausage-shaped canine trembling in front of you - it seems like there's no other way than petting and cuddling him!

Sausage dogs are intelligent, so picking your canine up and patting or cuddling him every time he starts shaking might have made him recognize this pattern and taught him to shake in order to get some attention from you.

To break this habit, you should only give your Dachshund attention and pat or cuddle him when he's not shaking.
Furthermore, you should never give him any treats when he shakes, so you don't falsely promote this kind of behavior by rewarding him.

Not encouraging undesirable behavior is especially important because you have to determine whether your furry friend is in pain or experiencing any other sorts of medical issues at that moment.

2. Your Dachshund is Cold

Compared to humans, dogs have a high body temperature, making it easy for them to feel uncomfortably cold.

Due to their relatively small body size, especially Dachshunds become cold quickly.
Therefore, a shaking Dachshund might only mean that he's cold.

If your dog starts shaking when going out or when the heater's turned down, it is a clear indicator of your canine shaking because of being cold.

It can be worth considering getting clothes to keep your Dachshund warm when outside.

3. Too Much Excess Energy

Your sausage dog might shake due to having lots of unspent energy.
It is not unusual for Dachshunds to shiver to expend their excess energy.

Regularly walking your canine or playing fetch or other games with him will help your Dachshund using up his energy.

4. Your Dachshund Is Afraid

You might have experienced your tiny friend starting to shake when there were loud sounds outside like thunder, for example.

It is common for Dachshunds to shiver due to nervosity when being frightened by loud noises or expecting an undesirable event to happen like a trip to the veterinarian.

Try soothing your darling by talking with a calm voice to him while petting him.

Brown Dachshund Standing on Carpet

5. Over Excitement

A Dachshund that shakes a lot might be excited.
Maybe your furry buddy is looking forward to having dinner or going out for a walk!
Your tiny canine might also be watching a squirrel through the window that he wants to chase.

When Dachshunds get excited, they need to get rid of their energy.
Valid options for your Dachshund to spend his energy may be through barking, running in circles, jumping, or - you name it - shaking.

However, this is normal behavior for your Dachshund, and there's no need to worry!

6. Medical Issues

The worst-case for your Dachshund's shaking would be an illness or injury.
If you doubt that any of the cases above are true, or you're guessing your Dachshund might be ill, immediately take him to a vet.

Signs that your dog might be ill could be diarrhea, vomiting or loud whining.
If your Dachshund shakes excessively and he struggles to move, it could be the beginning of a back injury that requires treatment.

If you spectate any of these symptoms, immediately consult with a veterinarian.

Stop Your Dachshund from Shaking

If you have accidentally trained your Dachshund to shake to get attention from you, and if you want him to unlearn this kind of behavior, you should consider stopping giving him attention.

I know this is challenging because of just how cute they are, but if you want your Dachshund to stop shivering for attention, this step is necessary.

After all, you don't want to misinterpret shaking as a means for getting attention if your dog is in a critical medical condition or pain.

On top of that, giving your canine treats when he shakes for attention is a no-go, and you should never engage in this behavior.

Eventually, your Dachshund will realize that shaking is no legitimate way to get your attention and will stop shivering when there's nothing wrong.

Brown Adult Dachshund Lying on Gray Linen Bed


A common reason for Dachshunds to shake is when they want attention.
This behavior can be disadvantageous because shaking can also be a sign of issues like illnesses or pain.

To stop your Dachshund from shaking for attention, stop giving him attention when you're sure there's nothing wrong with him at that moment.

Dachshunds also shake because of excitement, whether because they fear some loud noises or an upcoming undesirable event such as a visit to the vet or a pleasant event like feeding time.

Another reason could be your Dachshund being too cold, in which case a jacket could keep your canine warm.

In case you suspect medical issues to be responsible for the shaking of your canine, please take him to a vet immediately.

Have you experienced your Dachshund shaking frequently?
What do you think might be the causes?

I hope this article has helped you, and I would love to know what you think about this topic in the comment section below!

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