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Are Persian Cats Friendly?

Persian Cat Lying Upside down on Carpet

Are you the owner of a Persian cat and wonder whether every cat is as friendly as yours or maybe consider getting another pet next to your feline?
Maybe you don't even own a cat yet and want to learn as much as possible about your potential future furry friend in this regard. Whatever the reason for your curiosity is, be sure that I have got you covered.

Are Persian Cats Friendly? The Persian cat is known to be one of the most friendly and loving cat breeds on earth. The affection of these beautiful felines towards their owner and how they show makes them a perfectly family-friendly cat.

The Persian Cat - an Affectionate Breed

The Persian cat breed is considered to be highly friendly and affectionate. Being the owner of this beautiful feline breed, you surely have already noticed how calm and loving your furry darling often is.

Despite their generally kind nature and being one of the earliest pedigreed pets, you might still want to know whether or not your elegant darling will get along with other animals or people.

Although Persian cats don't usually become mean when stressed, it can nevertheless negatively impact your feline's physical health.

If your cat exhibits symptoms such as excessive vocalization, trembling, diarrhea, a changing appetite, aggression, or other unusual behavioral patterns please consult with a veterinarian.

Do Persian Cats Get Along with Other Cats?

Generally speaking, Persian cats do get along with other cats well.
They usually don't initiate a fight or show other forms of aggression as long as the other cat respects the Persian's boundaries.

However, they like to have their solitude and 20 hours of sleep a day.
Nevertheless, other cats might have a problem with your Persian, although this heavily depends on each cat's own personality.
An example of a rather active and territorial cat breed is the Bengal Cat, so be sure to read the article regarding this topic afterward if you own one of these sportive felines.

Try introducing them to each other gradually while keeping it consistent.
It's recommended to have a schedule which also regulates daily playtime with both cats at the same time so they can accommodate to each other easily.

Are Persian Cats Good with Dogs?

Due to a Persian cat's calm and laid-back personality, they prefer an environment that fits just these needs.
Therefore, you should ensure not to exhibit your Persian cat to unnecessary stress that could turn into anxiety.

Having to live next to a dog that barks excessively and is generally hyperactive would lead to the relaxed feline developing stress-caused conditions and therefore a great loss in quality of life.

If there's no way around getting a Persian cat next to a hyperactive dog or the other way round, try limiting their time spent together and ensure your canine gets enough playtime and activity to use up his potentially pent-up energy.

Blue Eyed Persian Cat Sitting by Window

Are Persian Cats Good with Kids?

This largely depends on whether the kid is introverted or extroverted.
Are there frequent sleepovers or often other children in the house?
Is your kid louder and more active than you think kids usually are?

All of this doesn't bother a Persian cat to a certain extent, because of their calm and friendly nature.
Even if she's being picked up incorrectly she won't immediately claw at or bite your kid.

Nevertheless, it is fundamental in any pet household to teach the kids a respectful and proper behavior towards the animals.
If your kids don't require too much attention from your Persian cat, she most likely will simply sleep the whole day and come over when she feels the need for affection or games.


Being one of the most friendly feline breeds, the Persian cat can cope with nearly everything as long as there are enough recovery phases for her.

Depending on the other cat's breed, your Persian cat will most certainly be fine, if there aren't any territorial aggressions.
Be sure to skim through our article regarding Bengal cats' behavior if you already own one.
To gradually get them used to each other, try introducing scheduled daily playtime.

As dogs are usually more playful and active, your Persian cat might get problems with him if she doesn't get enough resting phases.
If your dog is particularly active and playful, consider controlling their time spent together, and ensure he gets enough opportunities daily to use up his energy.

Luckily, the Persian cat is an especially friendly breed and therefore quite forgiving regarding possible incorrect pats and pickups by your kid.
There probably won't be any biting or scratching if your child didn't intend to treat your feline poorly.
Nevertheless, it's a necessity to teach your kids how to act respectfully towards your pets and let them understand that they are also living and feeling creatures.

If your cat is exhibiting unusual behavioral patterns such as frequent diarrhea, trembling, aggression, diarrhea, changing appetite, or others, that might be due to stress, so please consult with a veterinarian.

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