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Why Do Ragdolls Follow You Around?

Ragdoll Cat Snoozing on Floor

The Ragdoll cat is a fascinating breed. It is extraordinarily affectionate and loves to spend time with its owner. No wonder many people decide to get a Ragdoll themselves after having seen them or heard about these adorable felines. But having one of these yourself, you sometimes may wonder why exactly your darling behaves the way she does.

Why do Ragdolls follow you everywhere? Being a very affectionate and dog-like breed - not only regarding its size - the Ragdoll cat loves to follow people around, no matter where or when. This behavior is due to their trustfulness and curiosity, which they never lose, not even once in adulthood.

In this article, we will go over the reasons why Ragdoll cats love to follow their owners around and in what other ways they show their affection.

Ragdoll Cats Are Affectionate

If you have gotten yourself a Ragdoll cat, you probably have noticed how exceptionally affectionate this breed is. They will demand pats and rubs and lie around nearly all the time, so there's always time for cuddling. This laziness makes them perfect for keeping a Ragdoll cat on your lap and giving her some affection.

Because of a Ragdoll cat's extraordinarily affectionate and friendly personality, they might follow you around solely to get the chance of you petting them. If you catch your Ragdoll following you around, the odds are high that she wants your affection and positive attention.

Due to this, most often, a Ragdoll cat follows you because she loves you.

Ragdoll Cats Cuddling

Your Ragdoll Cat Is Bored

Another reason for your Ragdoll cat to follow you around is because of boredom. This breed is rather emotionally-dependent on its owner, just like a dog, and therefore gets bored quickly when not given enough attention when demanded.

Therefore, it is fundamental not to leave your Ragdoll cat alone for more than four hours for her not to become lonely and feel neglected. On top of that, there have to be enough toys and climbing opportunities for your Ragdoll.

It is optimal to get another Ragdoll - or any other - cat next to her, so she has someone to play and cuddle with while you're gone. Daily playtime will keep your Ragdoll cat healthy and happy.

The Ragdoll Cat Wants to Be Fed

In case your Ragdoll cat tends to follow your around, once her bowl is empty and some time has already passed since her last meal, she is likely hungry. However, because of this breed's affection and friendliness, it can be hard to recognize whether your cat is hungry or wants to be around you.

Because of this, it is crucial to have set up a proper meal schedule and stick to it. Regular feeding times will allow your cat to accommodate a routine, making it easier to plan the daily play sessions in-between. It is also a great way of building a stable bond with your furry darling.


If your Ragdoll cat is following you, it is most probably due to her loving you a lot. She wants to be around you because she feels connected to you and likes your presence. On top of that, they usually love to be petted, and you make no exception.

Another reason for your feline following you through the house could be boredom. Ragdoll cat can't be left alone for more than four hours. It will make them feel neglected, and it will damage your relationship. Ensure that there always are sufficient toys in the house and that you keep her occupied if she shows signs of boredom.

The last reason for your Ragdoll to follow you is hunger. If a cat is hungry, she usually will start to look for attention. Therefore, a proper meal schedule is a desirable way of keeping your feline happy and healthy.

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