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Are Siamese Cats Friendly?

Siamese Cat Sitting Outside

If you have asked other people or read about Siamese cats on the internet, you might have concluded that they could be mean or even aggressive. While this is not true, Siamese cats may have a few special needs compared to other cat breeds due to their particularly high intelligence.

Are Siamese Cats Friendly?Siamese cats are considered to be a particularly smart, friendly, and affectionate cat breed. They may have special needs and may also become offended if you don't meet these, but if you do, Siamese cats tend to be the most loving and adorable felines out there.

If you are considering becoming the parent of a Siamese cat or wonder whether she will be friendly to other pets or your children, this article is the right fit for you. You will learn about what needs your Siamese cat might have and therefore how to keep her happy and healthy.

The Friendliness of the Siamese Cat

Due to their high intelligence and sensitivity, Siamese cats may sometimes come off aggressive. This is why it's important to try to understand this intriguing feline breed as well as possible.

In the following, you will learn about the frequently misunderstood Siamese cat's personality and how to incorporate one in your family successfully.

Special Needs

At first, you have to understand that Siamese cats have - in contrast to some other felines - quite peculiar needs. This stems from their high sensitivity that is a consequence of their intelligence. Because of this, they can become jealous of other animals in the household when they get more attention than they do.

It is therefore important that you give your pets equal attention and strengthen the bond between them by together playtime. On top of that, you should not try to give your cat affection or attention without her herself asking for it, she will let you know when she wants some pats by approaching you. Despite their sometimes solitary personality, Siamese cats still get lonely very easily when there's no human, animal, or toy around.

Furthermore, the Siamese feline breed has crossed eyes. This can lead to dizziness and coordination issues. Having difficulties with vision can frustrate your Siamese. Therefore a Siamese cat's abnormal neural wiring regarding their vision doesn't only affect their perception, but also their behavior.

Eventually, this abnormal wiring also causes your Siamese to react overly sensitive towards different kinds of stimuli. A light pat could make her feel uncomfortable or even hurt and at times she might even have difficulties recognizing you.

Knowing about these factors quickly makes it less of a mystery to understand a Siamese cat's brain and behavior while not yet having looked into the specific feline's past and possible mistreatment by others.

Are Siamese Cats Friendly to Other Cats?

Because they tend to be very affectionate towards their owner, Siamese cats can at times be territorial and mean if there's competition for your attention. This is why it's a good idea to consider getting two Siamese cats at once so they have someone similar to play while you're away.

Generally, if you make your cats know they don't have to compete against each other and even get them to like each other through together playtime, there should be little to no problems.

Other more passive cats such as Persian cats could be a great fit because of their friendly and non-competitive personality.

Siamese Cat Sitting at Wall

Are Siamese Cats Good with Dogs?

This heavily depends on the personality of the dog. Is it a territorial dog that tends to jump on people that simply pass by when you're on a walk together? Can he hardly keep quiet at times? If your dog is rather territorial and loud, you should think twice before bringing a smaller animal to your home.

A hyperactive dog could endanger the newly brought Siamese cat and unnecessarily distress your dog. In case your dog is of a calm breed and generally stays relaxed when around other people, children or animals, you're good to go and can safely give a Siamese kitty a new home.

Are Siamese Cats Good with Children?

Siamese cats are especially friendly towards kids. The smart felines are aware of them being younger versions of their owners that can sometimes mistakenly pet the wrong spot or pick them up incorrectly. It might also be due to the active and playful nature of a Siamese cat that pairs up very well with the personality of a child.

If you are looking for a cat that is good with babies, toddlers, and children, you've chosen the right breed. Nevertheless, you have to ensure that your child knows how to respectfully interact with an animal and supervise them in the early stages of the introduction.


Due to the Siamese cat's special neural wiring, the reaction of her can sometimes be irritating. She can suddenly become angry when you pet her or even attack you seemingly out of the blue when it's dark and she doesn't recognize you because of her genetically impaired vision. These are possibilities you have to be aware of when adopting one of these adorable felines.

If you want to get a Siamese cat next to another cat, you have to properly gauge your current cat's territorial behavior and general personality before the final decision. In case your first cat is a Bengal or another similarly territorial cat, problems could arise. Eventually, you have to introduce them to each other regularly through together playtime and other activities.

A Siamese cat might get into trouble when exhibited to a territorial dog. If your canine tends to jump at pedestrians during walks or show aggressive behavior when people come to visit you, it could be a bad idea to get a smaller territorial animal next to your dog.

Do you have children at home? By bringing a Siamese, you might make them both happier. These felines usually are friendly towards children and don't instantly start biting or clawing when being petted or picked up incorrectly by them, because they know that children are just younger, clumsier versions of their adult owner.

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