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  • Why Do Siamese Cats Get Darker?

    If you own a Siamese cat, you may have noticed that she turns darker in specific stages of her life. The color pattern of a Siamese cat's fur follows a predictable change, dictated by one particular gene.
  • Are Siamese Cats Friendly?

    If you have asked other people out or read about Siamese cats on the internet, you might have come to the conclusion that they could be mean or even aggressive. This is not true, but because of their high intelligence, Siamese cats may have a few special needs compared to other cat breeds.
  • Why Does My Siamese Cat Throw up so Much?

    Why do Siamese cats throw up so much?

    Siamese cats are predestined to vomiting more often than other cat breeds. This is due to the heredity of allergies, intolerances, or the cat's physiology.
    After visiting a vet and adjusting a couple of habits, the Siamese can usually still live a long and happy life.